Help make September 11th a day of HOPE!

We will gather at 7:30AM on the front steps of Maine East High School to commemorate an item from the World Trade Center in New York City donated to the city of Park Ridge and to honor the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center/Pentagon attacks with a day of remembrance and HOPE-affirming volunteer action across our community.

The day's activities will include tributes to our local first responders, as well as blood drives, family friendly CPR classes, disaster response/relief class, food pantry collections, clean-up and repair projects, and elderly care for our local nursing home residents. Click the logo below for a summary of the day's events.

Whether it's just one hour or the whole day, it's your chance to embody HOPE by giving back to your community!


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Here's what volunteers are saying“It’s good to know that my family and I can each do something to make a difference in our community as volunteers. It seems to me that’s part of what good citizenship is all about.”  - Ed Hansen, community member 

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